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Keeping Safe online

Children are naturally trusting, curious and keen to explore the web. Keeping up with and supervising children’s online activity can be challenging, especially when they have their own computers, smartphones, tablets and game consoles or they are in other people’s homes. Understand the risks yourself and plan ahead before allowing children safe access to the internet. We want to work with our families and communities to ensure all of our children can access the interent safely, both in and out of school. Our Online Safety Policy contains an Acceptable User Agreement - one suitable for EY and KS1 children and another for KS2 children. These have been sent home with your child. We ask that you take time to read through this with your child at home (we will do the same at school) and then sign and return it to the school. Both Acceptable Use Agreements can be accessed by clicking the link below. Paper copies are available from the Office for you to sign if you have misplaced the original. The Online Safety Policy is available under the Policies tab.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we all understand the risks associated with working and learning online and how to keep ourselves and our children safe.


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