St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe


Uniform is worn as the clothing that is most suitable for your working day.  It is also a way to identify who you represent.  At St Mary's we wear our uniform with pride because it represents our school community.


As the school is developing the outside area within the school curriculum and because the cost of uniform is increasingly burdensome the school, working within the Government guidelines, has reviewed the school's uniform.  


All families should note that uniform changes that do not mean that the present uniforms need to be thrown out.  Any St Mary's uniform will be allowed to be worn until it is too used to be worn.  There is NO expectation that everyone will have to buy new uniform.  Secondhand items are always welcome and support the ethos of the school in terms of preserving God's creation through recycling.  


School shoes should be plain black but may be trainer style shoes.  Shoes should be appropriate for lots of running around and going into forest school.  As such the styles of shoe that fall off the back of the heel when running should not be worn to school: such as ballet pumps.


If you have any uniform question please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs. Sanderson