St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe

Happy half term!

No doubt you are all looking forward to half term - this first half term has gone very quickly!

Remember that this year, we have a two week half term - from Monday 21st October until Friday 1st November. 

On 26th and 27th November, there will be Parent Consultation evenings - appointment slots will be available after half term.


Our Driveway

It will not have escaped your notice that our driveway has developed several potholes and an uneven surface -  this will only deteriorate as the weather does. We are in discussion with the Diocese to enable repairs to take place but until that is done, can I ask you all to take extreme care, avoid walking on the driveway and use the less uneven pathway please? Thank you.


We hope you all have a happy half term and look forward to seeing you on Monday 4th November.