St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe

CAFOD assembly

On Wednesday morning, Liz Burden from CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) visited St Mary's again to tell us about the work of CAFOD and in particular the story of a family in Bangladesh.

Reliant on the fish in the nearby river for their food, the family suffered when the river dried up and the fish disappeared. Thankfully the rains eventually came and the river flowed once again, but the fish in the river were tiny, far too small to provide enough food for the family and others in their village.


Liz spoke with us about how the work of CAFOD is supporting families in other countries who have little food and live in poverty.

We reflected on how, at this time of Lent, instead of spending our pocket money on sweets or crisps, this relatively small amount could make  a huge difference to families in poverty all over the world.

As little as £1 could provide a fruit tree, £7 some seeds to grow crops and around £167 to build a protected pond and stock it with fish.


Visit the CAFOD website for more details of how to support this charity.