St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe

Governor letter to all parents


Dear Parents and Carers,


Caring for our Teachers

Everyone’s life has been turned upside down by the arrival of the Corona Virus Pandemic. It is a time of worry for the unknown, our job security, ability to pay our bills and the health and safety of our loved ones and neighbours. There are so many questions and too few answers to what the next days and weeks might bring. The Government made an announcement that all schools must close tonight to lessen the spread of the disease by social distancing, then announced that schools would provide child care for the most vulnerable children and children of Key workers whom we all depend on, to keep the wheels of the NHS and our modern lives turning.

Not being able to send our children to school understandably creates pressure and the impossible task of caring for our children whilst maintaining a job, if working from home is not an option, which for many of us it is not. We recognise that in these challenging times the staff may be the first people you see to whom you can direct your anxiety but It is essential that we maintain the high expectations of courtesy and respect for one another.

Governors had an emergency meeting last night with our headteachers and we were shocked to see them physically drained and exhausted after a sleepless night of worrying and a difficult day, working out how to manage and risk assess every child’s safety with a depleted and reducing workforce. Please pause for a moment and imagine multiplying your feelings of anxiety by 200 pupils and 20 staff, with all the safeguarding issues that run alongside that responsibility. Please be kind and courteous to our staff and headteachers.

Please be kind to each other. We are stronger together, but safer apart. Please pray for our school community.

The Governors