St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Making links with St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Moruya, NSW

We are delighted to have made links with St Mary's Primary school in Moruya, NSW - in an area which has been severely affected by the terrible bush fires sweeping through Australia.

The following is the email I received from the school earlier this week:

Thank you so much for your email and your generous offer of support for our school community. It is so wonderful to have communication with people from overseas. We have had many families in our parish and community who have lost their homes and all their belongings. The children will be so excited when they hear of your email. It is a great idea to keep the communication going with the students as penpals, they will love that.

Once again thank you for your kindness.

God bless you in your work.

Our very best wishes

Marg Croese


On Monday 27th January, we will celebrate Australia Day across the school with a  range of different activities. We invite the children to come to school on that day dressed in "Australian" themed clothes for as large a donation as you can afford. All monies donated will be sent directly to St Mary's in Moruya for them to support their community as they see fit. 

I know that you will support this fund raising activity and we look forward to seeing the children dressed up on that day.


Thank you for your continued support


Alison Langridge