St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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World Book day Thursday 3rd March

Dear all,


World Book Day falls on Thursday 3rd March this year. This is the first Thursday after the February half term holiday.

Following on from our very successful 'book in a jar' and 'book in a frame' events of the last two years, we invite you to create a 'book in a box'!


Can you present your favourite book in a shoebox? What about a matchbox? What will be on the outside of the box? What will be inside? This is a great opportunity to be creative! 


If possible, please bring a copy of your book into school. We hope that you will share your books, boxes and ideas with your classmates on World Book Day. 

Entries will be displayed in the library - will you inspire other children to read something new?

Please bring your box into school by Thursday 3rd March.


Dressing up (related to your book) is optional, and encouraged!

(Parents: Please note: there is absolutely no expectation for you to purchase or spend hours creating 'outfits' - we are much more interested in the ideas, opinions and creativity of the children!)