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Y4 and Y5 Maths Challenge

Year 5 Ryde School Maths Challenge

On Thursday 30th January, James, Tom, Emily and Jathisa went to Ryde School for a maths challenge. We were so excited by the challenge, although it was quite intense.

Emily said that she enjoyed the tangram activities. Tom and James like the dominoes activity because they were good at it and Jathisa enjoyed the ordering cards because they were challenging.

While we were there, we were reunited with our old friend , Angela. We had fun even though she was in a different school. She is the best friend in the world.

After the challenge was finished, we had tea. It was delicious – we got to have jam doughnuts!

Emily thought this was the best day ever!

By Jathisa, Emily, James and Tom.



Year 4 Maths Challenge at Ryde School


On the 30th January, Y4 and 5 competed in a maths challenge at Ryde school. Jasmine, Bella, Lola and Stephanie were chosen to go. Some lovely Y6 students guided us to the hall where the mathematical challenge was set. There were loads of schools and the Year 6s marked our work.

Jasmine was partnered with Stephanie and Lola was partnered with Bella. WE had 10 seconds to answer the questions which was not very much because the questions were quite hard! We did 3 games and had to answer 7 questions. There was a lot of team work but it was so silent! They also provided food for us as well—we had lots of different sandwiches and puddings and water or juice to drink.

By Stephanie, Bella, Lola and Jasmine.